TX Anticrop Agent & Project 112

From January 1962-October 1969, Rocky Mountain Arsenal “grew, purified and biodemilitarized” plant pathogen wheat stem rust [Puccinia graminis, var. tritici] for the Air Force. TX-treated grain was grown at the Arsenal from 1962-1968 in Sections 23-26. Unprocessed TX was also transported from Beale AFB for purification, storage, and disposal.

The following docs outline these activities at RMA:

The point is that there is still 90.00 pounds of TX located in the northern portion of the Arsenal. Considering the trouble and money involved in the demil of TX it would seem stupid to ignore that agent. If the government decided to leave it there it would appear that this should be questioned due to the cost already expended and the amount of effort that had been expended. If the government were to say there was no danger with the TX then why was such effort then take to contain the already dead agent?

Question for researchers: Was the visit by Japanese scientists to RMA connected in any way to Project 112, which also field tested wheat rust in Okinawa?


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